Montessori Teacher Training of Philadelphia

Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori Method is an approach to education which guides children through the "voyage of discovery." A vast array of specially-designed educational equipment is introduced to the child by Montessori trained teachers in an atmosphere that promotes personal responsibility, freedom of choice, problem-solving skills, self-esteem, love, and respect. After becoming Italy's first woman physician in 1896, Dr. Montessori focused her attention on the emotional and intellectual needs of the young child. Her unique human insights, discovered through countless hours of observation, led to the application of principles and the development of theories known as the Montessori Method.

Toad There are now over five thousand Montessori private and public schools across the nation. A prepared environment rich with manipulative learning materials is available, allowing children to progress at their own pace. Positive reinforcement, learning by doing, order, and freedom to choose are advocated in Dr. Montessori's principles. Children learn self-confidence and responsibility through purposeful activity, observation, and discovery. From the earliest age children are encouraged to become independent learners, to use critical thinking skills, and to be problem solvers.

Our challenge as educators is to prepare an educational environment that will provide for the optimum development of the human potential. Our vision is a new generation of adults with clarity of vision and competent creative minds who will have a positive impact on the future of the world.